by Cochran

Keeping Your Page Content Updated and Fresh

Keeping your web page content updated and fresh is critical to attracting new customers. Doing so will also give former customers and formerly tentative shoppers a reason to return to your site and buy from you. New content entices the search engine spiders to scan your site and increases the odds that your site will appear in the rankings.

Depending on your on-line goals, investing in a content management system can be an effective use of marketing dollars. A content management system gives you the power to easily update all copy, graphics and other content within your site without any programming knowledge whatsoever.

A content management system, coupled with a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan, will allow you take an active role in driving more would-be customers to your website and choosing you over the competition.


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  1. How do you know how to aquire an appropriate content management system? Are they mostly similar in function / feature and in price range?

    Comment by Bill Knowles | May 11, 2009 | Reply

    • First, decide what your goals are. Do you simply need to change out the copy once in awhile? Or will you need to constantly refresh copy, images, navigation, links, etc? Talk with web development companies to determine what they offer. A key issue could be whether their CMS software is search engine friendly or not. Since the whole idea of keeping your page content updated is to attract the search engine spiders, I’d recommend that. All in all, I’d look for a web design firm that you can communicate with and one which can offer you your own control panel to update your site’s content without having to be a programmer yourself.

      Comment by cochrancreates | May 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. We are in a constant changing business (Home Theater and Audio). It seems that virtually every week, there are new products that are “leap-frogging” each other. A lesson learned for has been to keep our website updated with fresh information. But the questions for us are, how much information and how many of the new products should be included in the updates? Theoretically, we could have dozens of pages on the website but we’re not sure anyone would look at them.

    Comment by Mike Twomey | July 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. Effective web design poses ongoing challenges. Today, there is a critical need to strike a balance between a site that provides the content that your customers need in order to make an informed buying decision, while adding enough sticky content to the site to attract the search engine spiders. Substantial content is necessary if you want your site to be found via search. Adding dozens of pages of content probably won’t hurt and, when done well, will most likely, help. A good web marketer is cognizant of the balance required and will work towards this goal.

    Comment by cochrancreates | July 22, 2009 | Reply

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