by Cochran

The Web Is Still In Its Infancy

Don’t believe me?

Consider this: According to the Discover Small Business Watch, April 2009, 62% of businesses (that’s right, 62%) do not yet have websites. I found this statistic almost hard to believe, but, when I got over my initial disbelief, I looked at this in a positive light.

Probably, a good percentage of that 62% are companies that desire a web presence, but have just not been able to find the right partner to get them on-line. Lucky for them, it’s becoming easier and less expensive to establish an on-line presence and, in fact, if a company has been successful over the past ten years without being on-line, that surely speaks well of the company. And, for us marketing professionals, it also means there are still many good opportunities out there.

And, now consider this: 62% of Americans (there’s that number again: 62%!) with an internet connection at home, are still using dial-up. Many American families live in rural areas where high-speed lines have not yet been made available (hard to believe, I know!) and the high cost of service where it does exist prevents many Americans from enjoying it. So, for any business attempting to drive the average American consumer to their website, it is still critically important to keep your site easy to use, uncluttered and dare I say, basic.

The web is still in its infancy. Stay awake. There is much yet to learn.


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  1. I was shocked when you shared this statistic at our leads group last week. It seemed inconceivable to me that so many companies would lack an online presence. Upon further reflection, I realized that the majority of companies in the US are small, local businesses. Many of those companies may desire a web presence but they have not yet figured out HOW to strategically leverage that web presence for their business benefit. Slapping up a web site isn’t the answer. The answer is to first determine HOW to leverage a web presence for their business. Marketing professionals like those at Cochran Creative Group can help companies determine that and then design a web presence to support that strategy. The HOW to use a web presence is a much more important question than WHETHER to have a web presence.

    Comment by Abby Donnelly | July 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. Effective marketing is a real art and it is obvious that many companies need experts to assist in creating a proper web presence. Branding makes the sales process function much more efficiently. Professionals like Rebecca Cochran understand the importance of effective marketing and how to help people manage their marketing resources to get a maximum return on their invested time and energy.

    Comment by Larry Diana | July 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. Successful businesses have websites. Maybe the percent of business failures could be lowered with better marketing and an on-line presence. In most industries it is difficult to establish a “brand” for a company or a product since there are so many choices and word of mouth is not fast enough or effective enough. Websites can be of great assistance to differentiate your business.

    Comment by Bill Knowles | July 27, 2009 | Reply

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