by Cochran

You Is #1

Nope, that’s not a typo.

According to the Psychology Department at Yale University, “You” continues to be the #1 most powerful word in the English language. In today’s world of on-line communication, words are more important than ever. With Twitter, for instance, you are limited to a maximum of 140 characters per tweet. What you say is still important; how you say it and which words you choose continue to be even more important.

Keep your communications personal. Try to use “you” throughout each and every day. Use “you” when you send emails, tweets and thank you notes (remember those?). Use “you” in your blog posts, in your advertising copy and in lively discussion around the lunch table.

“You” is powerful. “You” is personal. “You” is still #1.

Let me know what you think and, for the record, here are the other nine bon mots according to the Yale study:

2. Results

3. Health

4. Guarantee

5. Discover

6. Love

7. Proven

8. Safety

9. Save

10. New


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  1. This is fascinating. With a challenge to write a sentence using all of the words, I can see how powerful they can be. I crafted one this evening and I am emotionally engaged in it!

    Here are my three — The first is my favorite:

    I guarantee you will discover, and come to love, our new proven ways to improve your health, save money, ensure safety, and get better business results. SIGN ME UP!

    • You will achieve proven health results, save money and get a safety guarantee, when you discover a new love for a daily exercise walk.

    • You will love it when you discover new ways to save your health, by taking advantage of our proven methods and our safety guarantee, to get better results.

    Maybe not the best written, but the favorite words can be very compelling when used together. Maybe not all 10 of them in a single sentence, but certainly through a paragraph!

    Comment by Abby Donnelly | September 4, 2009 | Reply

    • Before challenging readers to use all 10 of the words from the Yale study in a single sentence, I first made sure that I could do so. The only ground rules were:

      1. You must use all 10 words.
      2. Additional words are OK.
      3. The sentence must be grammatically correct.

      Here is my sentence:

      Discover and save on our proven new love potion, backed by our safety guarantee, to garner the health results you desire.

      Comment by cochrancreates | September 9, 2009 | Reply

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